Arena Community is a registered charity (number 1115569) established in 2006 and is a local response to issues of poverty, isolation, homelessness and unemployment in and around Ilkeston, Derbyshire and Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Our foodbank has been operating since 2011


Last year we helped over 5,000 people through several different initiatives that we run in order to meet our four objectives:


Provision of food and practical resources.
Provision of quality housing via supported accommodation.
Training, education and rehabilitation.
Making communities liveable.

In recent years we have had record numbers come to us both those who are in poverty and those who have lost their jobs and now find themselves in very difficult times. It makes it even more difficult when you see children and the elderly needing our assistance. At Arena our desire is to make communities liveable again, as families in our area will be affected in the long term.


Arena Community is mostly funded by the charity shops, Arena Church and through the generous donations of the public. Every penny allows us to help someone. We’re announcing the launch of our Let’s Do This campaign, to help us combat the problems that we can see are happening now and will be happening in the future.


Historically we have been looking at a £60,000 shortfall to cover all the running costs and we believe this year the need will be even greater. Arena Community is funded by your donations, and every penny allows us to help someone. For the Let’s Do This campaign, we’re asking for:

1000 people to commit to giving to just £5 every month
20 businesses to commit to giving £100 every month

This  will allow us to significantly help our community.

Join our Let’s Do This campaign and give what you can  – we need your support now more than ever.

There are several ways to help – you can give financially any of the following ways:

1. Now Donate

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2. Standing Order

To give via standing order email

3. Cheques

Cheques made payable to Arena Community can be posted to:
1 Rutland Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 8DG.

4. Paypal
PayPal will incur a small fee for Arena Community.

PLEASE NOTE: Now Donate is free for both you and the Arena Community to use, but PayPal will incur a small fee for Arena Community.


If you are a UK taxpayer don’t forget your giving could be increased through Gift Aid meaning Arena Community will get even more support! For every £1.00 you donate Arena Church receives 25p through gift aid.  Simply click on this link to complete the Gift Aid Form and your giving will make an even larger impact.

If you would like to give to the 1000 Club or Business Buddies please add this to your payment reference. Thank you for your giving.

Other ways to help:

Please spread the word about the resources we have available to help those who may be in need.

If you would like to volunteer to be part of an amazing team at Arena Community or require any further information please email

Thank you for your support.